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New Equipment for our Circus Hall


At our last workshop at NICA, Ms Molan and I had a discussion about adding more equipment to the Circus Hall. In particular, we were interested in aerial equipment.  We had a quote to have an evaluation of the circus hall ceiling done – it was $2700. Eek! We are currently chasing money to cover […]

Moscow Circus comes to Ballarat!


When I was a child, I loved watching the Moscow Circus perform on television, each Sunday night. My favourites were Oleg Popov, a famous clown, and the flying trapeze act. In 1995, I took Garry to see the Moscow Circus perform in Horsham. Imagine my surprise when the first person I see as we walk […]

Hyping it up with Hoops!


A while ago I was lucky enough to see two amazing hula hoop artists in Melbourne. They were so amazing we decided we would invite them to come to school to teach us all some new tricks! So, sometime during Term 3, we will hopefully host these talented performers. They will take each grade for […]

Welcome Back for Term Three!


Lots of fabulous things happening this term, but first, some exciting news! Did you know that Kyle and April have successfully auditioned for Circus Oz and are currently starring in their latest production? If you want to see Circus Oz – and Kyle and April, in action, you can visit Circus Oz in Melbourne, or […]

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