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Moscow Circus comes to Ballarat!


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When I was a child, I loved watching the Moscow Circus perform on television, each Sunday night. My favourites were Oleg Popov, a famous clown, and the flying trapeze act.

In 1995, I took Garry to see the Moscow Circus perform in Horsham. Imagine my surprise when the first person I see as we walk in, is Oleg Popov. He must have been ancient by then! He looked exactly the same though – the costume, makeup and voice was exactly as I remembered.

And then I had another surprise when we visited NICA.  I was chatting to the lady who was teaching the students tight rope.  We met by accident at the corner cafe, and so had lunch together.  When I asked her about her background, she told me she was part of the flying trapeze act, along with her husband, at the Moscow Circus. She had performed when I saw the show in Horsham.  She wasn’t actually old enough to have performed for them when I was a child though. Her son also performed for the Moscow Circus. At the end of the circus run, he was invited to come and teach at NICA, which was just opening. He now has his own circus school in Melbourne, called Little Devils. 

The exciting news is that the Moscow Circus is coming to Ballarat in September.  Here is the link to purchase tickets. 

Oleg Popov

Oleg Popov



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