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Week 4 Nica Sparks


Well I’m  sitting at Southern Cross waiting for the train home – with fingers crossed that it won’t breakdown,  have a signal fault, or stop for a short stay-over in Bacchus Marsh.  What a wonderful session today with the NICA Sparks troupe,  Liz Skitch and Derek Ives. Much laughter and more tears. The confidence of […]

Bamboozle Shortlist


We have now reduced the shortlist to around 20 people. They will be invited to come to Bamboozle Practice each Wednesday after school. 🙂 

New Diabolo Tricks


We have been inventing new tricks.  So far we’ve invented ‘Rectangle’, ‘Skip and Spin’, ‘Invisible Man’, ‘Over the Top’, ‘Suicide Drop’ and ‘TNT Switch’.  We’ve also made a new combination, it is ‘Trampoline, Grind and then Whip Catch’.    Double Skip   Invisible Man   Over the Top   TNT Drop   Spin and Skip   

3rd Workshop at NICA Sparks


First we played a game where we had to remember each other’s names.  We had to throw a ball at someone and call out their name.  Then we worked on performing. First we did single clowning, then we did duos. I did one with Charlotte. We had hats and a newspaper and we had to […]

1/2 Circus Skills


Today I learnt to do helicopter and propeller using staff. I am now working on my technique for figure 8’s.  Connor  I can spin the hoop around my waist more than 100 times. I am now learning how to spin it in the opposite direction.  Ruby  I can spin the hoop around my waist. My […]

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Last Saturday, I went to NICA for the first time.  We met the trainers, played ‘Ant Hospital’ as a warm-up, and did our stretches.  The trainers then split us into three groups for our three activities.  First I did acrobatics, and I learnt to do a rocket jump.  Then I did juggling and I learnt […]



I had a fantastic time at NICA and it was my first visit. Our first activity was ‘Ant Hospital’, then we did stretches, followed by our three hour workshop.  I started on hoops, and I learnt lots of new tricks.  My next rotation was acrobatics, where I learnt to do backward rolls.  My final activity was […]

Check out this, it is amazing…


Check out the link to see a great sequence ~ Adagio 

Today the Grade 5/6’s


Today we worked on our learning new skills related to our SMART goals. We had a lot of fun. We also looked at the Circus Blog and learnt how to make a post. Hopefully lots of people will post about what they were doing. 🙂 



Today some of the Grade 1/2’s had a lot of fun practicing their circus skills. They were all trying to achieve their first SMART GOAL. 🙂    

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