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1/2 Circus Skills


Today I learnt to do helicopter and propeller using staff. I am now working on my technique for figure 8’s.  Connor 

I can spin the hoop around my waist more than 100 times. I am now learning how to spin it in the opposite direction.  Ruby 

I can spin the hoop around my waist. My highest score is over 100 times.  I can spin the hoop twenty times in the opposite direction. I want to do it 100 times.  Inika

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“1/2 Circus Skills”

  1. February 24th, 2015 at 6:47 am      Reply Tamsyn Kettle Says:

    Hi Ms Fisc,
    Its Tamsyn thank you for letting me use your poi. I can do some good tricks with them but im still focusing on doing butterfly behind my head. Thank you for letting me do the music some times. Poi is the most fun out of all for me. Your a nice teacher.

    From Tamsyn K

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