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Nikita 5/6S


I feel good because I have achieved my  goal of spinning the hoop around my waist 100 times.  Now I am going to practice walking five steps by myself on stilts. 🙂

Jessie 5/6S


I feel awesome because I have achieved my goal.  I can now ride a unicycle around the running track!  Now I am going to practice reverse weave using poi. 🙂 

Matilda C


I have achieved my goal of 500 spins around my waist with a hula hoop. I feel proud because I finally achieved it.  Now I am going to work on my other goals. 🙂  

Summer 3/4B


I’ve achieved my hula hoop goal. I can spin it around my elbow 15 times. 🙂 I feel proud of myself for working hard and achieving my goal. I’m now going to learn to walk with help, and to fall safely while on stilts. 

Navasha 3/4B


Today I learnt how to do hand spins using a hula hoop. I used both hands. I feel confident now that I can do it. 🙂  I am going to learn how to do it above my head now. This means I will then be able to do a float down.  

Sonny 3/4B


I am learning flowersticks and I have achieved helicopter and tick-tock, including under the legs.  I feel excited because I achieved my goals.  Next I’m going to learn propeller. I think I will have to work hard to achieve this goal. 🙂

Harry 3/4B


I learnt to do figure 8 using a staff.  It was an easy trick to learn.  I am very happy with myself.  Now I’m going to learn how to 1/2 tosses using both hands. 

Bella 3/4B


I am able to ride around the running track non-stop, twice in a row, without stopping. I feel good about myself because I have achieved my goal.  I had to work hard, and to try not to ride as fast as I normally do.  Going around the track wasn’t as hard as I thought it […]

Sruthi’s Goal


I have achieved my goal of walking on stilts for 6 steps. I’m now trying to walk further without anyone helping me.  I can also fall safely onto a mat when on the stilts.  I felt proud of myself because of the hard work I did to achieve my goal.  Next I’m going to walk […]

Charlotte’s Goal


I achieved my goal of spinning the hoop around my waist, in my least favourite direction, over 100 times.  It made me feel happy.  I didn’t have to work very hard to achieve it.  My next goal is to learn to spin the hoop around my waist while walking on stilts. 🙂   

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