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Fabulous Arts Extravaganza


Hello Everyone. Just a note to say a BIG  THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who supported our Arts Extravaganza.  It was a great success and we’ve received lots of lovely feedback about the show, and everyone involved! 

A visiting artist mentioned that some of the art work in the foyer could hang in any art gallery in the world! Wow, that must have been wonderful for Miss Sharp to hear!  Congratulations to all the artists and Miss Sharp on the lovely display. 

They’ve also been complimentary comments about our clowns – even from the professional clowns who performed for us at the show, as well as the stilt walkers, belly dancers and our amazing roaming band.  Congratulations also to our NICA Sparks performers for their contribution to the evening’s entertainment. Who knew a sauce bottle could be so entertaining. 

Great music was made by our Junior and Senior Choirs and our school band, 800 Decibels rocked off. It was very exciting combining our musical and circus talents for the first time, and we think you all did an amazing job. 

Congratulations to our Bamboozle performers, many who performed on stage for the first time. You are all amazing and very talented. 🙂 

Special thanks to our guest performers, ‘Pancakes are for Breakfast’ who delighted us with their poetry, bananas and other strangely unimaginable things.  I wonder what that last thing was??? 

Finally, our National Institute of Circus Arts students performed a variety of interesting acts that demonstrated their developing skills in juggling, hat manipulation, hula hoops, tumbling and acrobalance.  Well done!



Dakota 5/6S


I feel very happy because I have practiced a lot and achieved my goal of walking on stilts for 20 steps, without falling, and without help from anyone.  Now I am going to learn to do float up and elbow spin using a hula hoop. 

Nikita 5/6S


I feel good because I have achieved my  goal of spinning the hoop around my waist 100 times.  Now I am going to practice walking five steps by myself on stilts. 🙂

Matilda C


I have achieved my goal of 500 spins around my waist with a hula hoop. I feel proud because I finally achieved it.  Now I am going to work on my other goals. 🙂


Summer 3/4B


I’ve achieved my hula hoop goal. I can spin it around my elbow 15 times. 🙂 I feel proud of myself for working hard and achieving my goal. I’m now going to learn to walk with help, and to fall safely while on stilts. 

Navasha 3/4B


Today I learnt how to do hand spins using a hula hoop. I used both hands. I feel confident now that I can do it. 🙂  I am going to learn how to do it above my head now. This means I will then be able to do a float down.  

Charlotte’s Goal


I achieved my goal of spinning the hoop around my waist, in my least favourite direction, over 100 times.  It made me feel happy.  I didn’t have to work very hard to achieve it.  My next goal is to learn to spin the hoop around my waist while walking on stilts. 🙂 

Goal Achieved!

Goal Achieved!


Ebony’s Goal


Today I achieved my goal of hula hooping around my waist 100 times. I feel great and pleased with myself for doing this.  My next goal for hoops will be to spin it 100 times in the opposite direction. 

I'm feeling good

I’m feeling good

My Goal


Today I managed to achieve my goal, which was to spin the hoop around my waist my least favourite way or direction, thirty times in a row.  I feel really happy that I achieved my goal.  I’m going to work on spinning plates and learning to start it from lolly-pop position.


I Achieved my Hula Hoop Goal


I hula hooped around my tummy in my favourite direction today.  I did it more than 100 times. I’m really happy with my achievement. I am going to do it 100 times in the other direction now.

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