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Welcome back to school and Circus everyone!


Well we are off to a great start at school this year, with lots of fun things happening. In March Bamboozle will be performing at the Willaura Hospital’s Market. We are all set to start our NICA workshops, and look forward to our first trip there this term. Our video making sessions during class time, were so successful last year, we might look at doing them again. 🙂  What would you like to teach someone how to do. 

Bamboozle at Harmony Fest by Holly Mc


On Sunday 22nd March, Bamboozle performed at the Ballarat Harmony Festival. First Bamboozle met in a small room (the green room) at the Mining Exchange. Then we took the mats and the equipment into the big performance area. 

Next we started our workshop. We had lots of different people come and try equipment. 

It was a great day. At the end of it we all felt proud that we were representing our school. 

Stilt walkers at Harmony Fest

Stilt walkers at Harmony Fest

End of Term 1


It has been a very busy term, with students performing at Willaura Hospital’s Market Day Fundraiser, and Ballarat’s Harmony Fest.  Both ventures have been very successful and the students have received some excellent feedback from organisers and members of the public.  Well done to everyone involved.  Special thanks to the parents who drove their children to these venues to perform.  Check out Holly’s report about Harmony Day under Bamboozle on the blog. 

Great work is being done by our Nica Sparks Troupe Members, and we look forward to seeing some items of work from them in term two.  They are managing the grueling schedule with a smile on their faces. Check out Callum’s reports by searching for Nica Sparks on our blog

Lots of students have now achieved their SMART goals, and have started writing about it on the blog.  We have invited parents to make positive comments  as well, so please leave some feedback for your children.  

We are due to visit NICA on the second Saturday of term 2.  Can’t wait to try out our next lot of tricks. 

Happy holidays everyone. 🙂


Dakota 5/6S


I feel very happy because I have practiced a lot and achieved my goal of walking on stilts for 20 steps, without falling, and without help from anyone.  Now I am going to learn to do float up and elbow spin using a hula hoop. 

Flynn 5/6 S


I feel proud of myself because I achieved my goal of doing a successful propeller behind my back, using a staff.  Now I am going to juggle and learn to throw a ball behind my back, over my shoulder and then catch it in front. 

Tom 5/6S


I have achieved my goal of performing a successful snatch in juggling.  I feel that I can do it now because I practiced hard.  Now I am going to try and do a lot more partner acts. 


Harry 3/4B


I learnt to do figure 8 using a staff.  It was an easy trick to learn.  I am very happy with myself.  Now I’m going to learn how to 1/2 tosses using both hands. 

Sruthi’s Goal


I have achieved my goal of walking on stilts for 6 steps. I’m now trying to walk further without anyone helping me.  I can also fall safely onto a mat when on the stilts.  I felt proud of myself because of the hard work I did to achieve my goal.  Next I’m going to walk on stilts while using one piece of circus equipment as well.  🙂 


Charlotte’s Goal


I achieved my goal of spinning the hoop around my waist, in my least favourite direction, over 100 times.  It made me feel happy.  I didn’t have to work very hard to achieve it.  My next goal is to learn to spin the hoop around my waist while walking on stilts. 🙂 

Goal Achieved!

Goal Achieved!


Xavier 3/4 FP


I have achieved my goal of falling safely onto a mat while wearing stilts.  It made me feel great.  I am going really good walking on stilts. I can walk with a stick and Zac helping me.  I hope to be able to walk by myself soon. 🙂 


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