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Ava 3/4 H


I saw lots of people on stilts, and I thought, ‘How do they do that?’  Then when I got the opportunity to go on myself I added it as my goal.  I can walk on stilts holding onto people, and I can fall safely onto a mat.  My next goal is to walk by myself and to get my stilt licence.  I’m excited about doing that. 🙂

Feeling happy

Feeling happy

Solan 3/4 H


I feel great about achieving my goal.  It was very hard and took me three weeks. I can now start spinning a plate on a stick properly.  🙂 

Ebony’s Goal


Today I achieved my goal of hula hooping around my waist 100 times. I feel great and pleased with myself for doing this.  My next goal for hoops will be to spin it 100 times in the opposite direction. 

I'm feeling good

I’m feeling good

Stilt Goal Achieved



I’ve achieved my goal of learning to fall safely on stilts onto a mat. It was fun and hard.  I also learnt how to walk on stilts by myself.  I can walk around the mat without anyone hanging on to me.  I feel good about learning my semester one goal. 🙂  Haylee S

I achieved my goals


Today I managed to walk more than twenty steps on stilts, and best of all I didn’t have any help!  It wasn’t really hard achieving my goal because I’m good at balancing. The fun bit was finally being able to walk by myself.  I’m so happy I have my L plates and can walk on stilts in the playground. 



Bamboozle @ Willaura Market Day


Bamboozle performers did a spectacular job of their performance at Willaura. Well done everyone. It was obvious to all those present the hard work that our more experienced members have put into mastering some of the more difficult skills.  This just proves that hard work gets results. 🙂  Congratulations to the non-Bamboozle members who volunteered to participate, ensuring we had plenty of performers.  You did a wonderful job and we hope that you feel proud of your first performance. Photos will be posted soon.  Thanks to Miss Molan, Mr Collins, Mrs Jerram, and all the parents who brought their children along.  Thanks also to Carly, Daina and Matilda who, although now in Year 7, supported us by performing too. 

Bamboozle Shortlist


We have now reduced the shortlist to around 20 people. They will be invited to come to Bamboozle Practice each Wednesday after school. 🙂 



I had a fantastic time at NICA and it was my first visit. Our first activity was ‘Ant Hospital’, then we did stretches, followed by our three hour workshop.  I started on hoops, and I learnt lots of new tricks.  My next rotation was acrobatics, where I learnt to do backward rolls.  My final activity was hats and juggling.  Then each group presented their performance.  I chose to do acrobatics.  I was in a group with Kiera and Amber.  I had a fantastic time.  I would really like to thank Ms Fisc for organising the trip. 

By Adam

Check out this, it is amazing…


Check out the link to see a great sequence ~ Adagio 

Today the Grade 5/6’s


Today we worked on our learning new skills related to our SMART goals. We had a lot of fun. We also looked at the Circus Blog and learnt how to make a post. Hopefully lots of people will post about what they were doing. 🙂 

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