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Sonny 3/4B


I am learning flowersticks and I have achieved helicopter and tick-tock, including under the legs.  I feel excited because I achieved my goals.  Next I’m going to learn propeller. I think I will have to work hard to achieve this goal. 🙂

My Goal


I’m really happy because on Thursdays we do circus and I’ve learnt tick-tock and helicopter. 

I achieved my goal


Today I did over 100 tick-ticks in a row using the flowersticks.  I feel great!  I am now going to learn helicopter and to throw it in the air and catch it. 

Welcome back to Circus!


Hi Everyone and welcome back to Circus for 2015. We have lots of exciting things happening. Firstly, we are looking at purchasing some manipulation hats and some globes. Callum, Charlotte, Daina and Grace have had their first session at Nica Sparks,  and our first group of 30 students have been to the National Institute of Circus Arts for […]

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