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Bella 3/4B


I am able to ride around the running track non-stop, twice in a row, without stopping. I feel good about myself because I have achieved my goal.  I had to work hard, and to try not to ride as fast as I normally do.  Going around the track wasn’t as hard as I thought it […]

Sruthi’s Goal


I have achieved my goal of walking on stilts for 6 steps. I’m now trying to walk further without anyone helping me.  I can also fall safely onto a mat when on the stilts.  I felt proud of myself because of the hard work I did to achieve my goal.  Next I’m going to walk […]

Charlotte’s Goal


I achieved my goal of spinning the hoop around my waist, in my least favourite direction, over 100 times.  It made me feel happy.  I didn’t have to work very hard to achieve it.  My next goal is to learn to spin the hoop around my waist while walking on stilts. 🙂   

Xavier 3/4 FP


I have achieved my goal of falling safely onto a mat while wearing stilts.  It made me feel great.  I am going really good walking on stilts. I can walk with a stick and Zac helping me.  I hope to be able to walk by myself soon. 🙂   

Ebony’s Goal


Today I achieved my goal of hula hooping around my waist 100 times. I feel great and pleased with myself for doing this.  My next goal for hoops will be to spin it 100 times in the opposite direction. 

Stilt Goal Achieved


I’ve achieved my goal of learning to fall safely on stilts onto a mat. It was fun and hard.  I also learnt how to walk on stilts by myself.  I can walk around the mat without anyone hanging on to me.  I feel good about learning my semester one goal. 🙂  Haylee S

My Goals


Today I achieved my goals which was to do butterfly and butterfly behind my back. I’m going to do crossover now.  I feel good and smart and clever!  

My Goal


Today I managed to achieve my goal, which was to spin the hoop around my waist my least favourite way or direction, thirty times in a row.  I feel really happy that I achieved my goal.  I’m going to work on spinning plates and learning to start it from lolly-pop position.  

I achieved my goals


Today I managed to walk more than twenty steps on stilts, and best of all I didn’t have any help!  It wasn’t really hard achieving my goal because I’m good at balancing. The fun bit was finally being able to walk by myself.  I’m so happy I have my L plates and can walk on stilts […]

I achieved my goal


Today I did over 100 tick-ticks in a row using the flowersticks.  I feel great!  I am now going to learn helicopter and to throw it in the air and catch it. 

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