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Nikita 5/6S


I feel good because I have achieved my  goal of spinning the hoop around my waist 100 times.  Now I am going to practice walking five steps by myself on stilts. 🙂

Matilda C


I have achieved my goal of 500 spins around my waist with a hula hoop. I feel proud because I finally achieved it.  Now I am going to work on my other goals. 🙂  

Navasha 3/4B


Today I learnt how to do hand spins using a hula hoop. I used both hands. I feel confident now that I can do it. 🙂  I am going to learn how to do it above my head now. This means I will then be able to do a float down.  

Charlotte’s Goal


I achieved my goal of spinning the hoop around my waist, in my least favourite direction, over 100 times.  It made me feel happy.  I didn’t have to work very hard to achieve it.  My next goal is to learn to spin the hoop around my waist while walking on stilts. 🙂   

Ebony’s Goal


Today I achieved my goal of hula hooping around my waist 100 times. I feel great and pleased with myself for doing this.  My next goal for hoops will be to spin it 100 times in the opposite direction. 

My Goal


Today I managed to achieve my goal, which was to spin the hoop around my waist my least favourite way or direction, thirty times in a row.  I feel really happy that I achieved my goal.  I’m going to work on spinning plates and learning to start it from lolly-pop position.  

I Achieved my Hula Hoop Goal


I hula hooped around my tummy in my favourite direction today.  I did it more than 100 times. I’m really happy with my achievement. I am going to do it 100 times in the other direction now.

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