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End of Term 1


It has been a very busy term, with students performing at Willaura Hospital’s Market Day Fundraiser, and Ballarat’s Harmony Fest.  Both ventures have been very successful and the students have received some excellent feedback from organisers and members of the public.  Well done to everyone involved.  Special thanks to the parents who drove their children to these […]



Last Saturday, I went to NICA for the first time.  We met the trainers, played ‘Ant Hospital’ as a warm-up, and did our stretches.  The trainers then split us into three groups for our three activities.  First I did acrobatics, and I learnt to do a rocket jump.  Then I did juggling and I learnt […]



I had a fantastic time at NICA and it was my first visit. Our first activity was ‘Ant Hospital’, then we did stretches, followed by our three hour workshop.  I started on hoops, and I learnt lots of new tricks.  My next rotation was acrobatics, where I learnt to do backward rolls.  My final activity was […]

New Equipment for our Circus Hall


At our last workshop at NICA, Ms Molan and I had a discussion about adding more equipment to the Circus Hall. In particular, we were interested in aerial equipment.  We had a quote to have an evaluation of the circus hall ceiling done – it was $2700. Eek! We are currently chasing money to cover […]

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