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Erin 5/6S


I have achieved my goal of walking on stilts without falling down at all.  I feel awesome because I have achieved a really cool goal. Now I am going to work on my other goals. 🙂   

Dakota 5/6S


I feel very happy because I have practiced a lot and achieved my goal of walking on stilts for 20 steps, without falling, and without help from anyone.  Now I am going to learn to do float up and elbow spin using a hula hoop. 

Sruthi’s Goal


I have achieved my goal of walking on stilts for 6 steps. I’m now trying to walk further without anyone helping me.  I can also fall safely onto a mat when on the stilts.  I felt proud of myself because of the hard work I did to achieve my goal.  Next I’m going to walk […]

Xavier 3/4 FP


I have achieved my goal of falling safely onto a mat while wearing stilts.  It made me feel great.  I am going really good walking on stilts. I can walk with a stick and Zac helping me.  I hope to be able to walk by myself soon. 🙂   

Stilt Goal Achieved


I’ve achieved my goal of learning to fall safely on stilts onto a mat. It was fun and hard.  I also learnt how to walk on stilts by myself.  I can walk around the mat without anyone hanging on to me.  I feel good about learning my semester one goal. 🙂  Haylee S

I achieved my goals


Today I managed to walk more than twenty steps on stilts, and best of all I didn’t have any help!  It wasn’t really hard achieving my goal because I’m good at balancing. The fun bit was finally being able to walk by myself.  I’m so happy I have my L plates and can walk on stilts […]

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